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CFA@2016 SEIU Convention

CFA delegates traveling to the convention. Michelle Cerecerez, Chris Cruz-Boone, Charles Toombs and Jonathan Karpf.Five members of the CFA delegation at the 3000-delegate SEIU convention—Lillian Taiz, Kim Geron, Charles Toombs, Cecil Canton, and Jonathan Karpf.The 2016 SEIU International Convention was in Detroit, Michigan in May.CFA delegate Chris Cruz-Boone at a meeting of SEIU's national Faculty Forward, where adjunct faculty around the country shared news of their organizing efforts.Lilian Taiz and Jonathan Karpf in "Justice Junction" at the SEIU Convention.Eliseo Medina, past secretary-treasurer of SEIU, discussed strategy with Lillian Taiz and Kim Geron.CFA's Cecil Canton, Lillian Taiz, Michelle Cerecerez and Jonathan Karpf attended a blessing for food and water SEIU delegates delivered to people in Flint, Michigan.Some of the bags of food SEIU delegates brought to Flint.Cases of water were distributed in Flint.

CFA delegates attended the 2016 SEIU International Convention in May.