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CSULA Faculty Fight for Five!

It was a full day of action at Cal State LA Tuesday as faculty and students participated in a news conference announcing an important strike sanction, a Fight for Five rally and spoke out against CSU management at Chancellor Tim White’s campus event.

CFA officers, faculty and students gathered in a room in the University Student Union in the morning to listen as Rusty Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the LA County Federation of Labor announced that the organization had granted strike sanction for CFA. The sanction means if faculty go on strike, the more than 800,000 union workers affiliated with the LA Labor Fed will not cross picket lines. CFA also has received strike sanctions from labor councils throughout the state.

The crowd then took up picket signs and rallied outside the Golden Eagle ballroom, where Chancellor White was scheduled to speak in the afternoon. White did not interact with faculty outside, instead entering through the loading dock. 

During the Chancellor’s open forum, faculty and students peppered White with questions about stagnant salaries and management’s misplaced priorities. 

The Chancellor left the forum amidst a crowd chanting “Strike! Strike! Strike!”