CFA in the News
News coverage of CFA's Race to the Bottom White Papers

CFA’s “Race to the Bottom” White Papers have been covered by news media all over California, including on news radio, in newspapers, on web-based news sites, and by our own CSU student newspapers. 
Here is a sampling…

Cal State faculty survey describes low pay, hardship
Los Angeles Times
Some California State University faculty say their salary is so low that they must work two jobs, can’t afford to buy a home and at times depend on food stamps and other government assistance to get by.

CSU faculty union releases report detailing members’ struggles to pay bills
Long Beach Press Telegram 
Althea Waites is a 21-year part-time lecturer teaching piano in Cal State Long Beach’s music department who earns about $1,400 a month. She also works part-time as a church organist, music coach and accompanist to help pay rent, make a car payment and buy groceries, but it’s no guarantee she’ll have enough to pay all the bills. “It’s a month to month struggle. I do quite bit of juggling,” said Waites, 76, who rents a small two-bedroom home near downtown in Alamitos Beach. “I go through this every semester. It’s very stressful.”

Faculty Testimonies About Stagnant Wages
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)
President of Humboldt State’s chapter of the CFA Benjamin Shaeffer said the recent installment references a decline in job security among the CSU faculty. “We get into teaching not expecting to get rich,” Shaeffer said. ““It’s our passion, but we expect a secure, middle-class life.”…

CFA surveys over 5,000 CSU employees to research salary-based needs
Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)
“We have found that faculty salaries are dropping and it is hard to call teaching in the CSU a middle class job any longer,” Lillian Taiz, a history professor at California State University, Los Angeles and the president of the CFA, said…

CSU administrators’ pay gains outpace those for faculty, report says
Los Angeles Times
California State University administrators made significant gains in hiring and compensation over the last decade while faculty lost ground or failed to keep pace in both areas, according to a report released Tuesday by the California Faculty Assn. The report …

Fewer professors, more managers work on Cal State campuses
San Francisco Chronicle
As enrollment at California State University soared over the last decade, the number of professors did not soar with them. But managers and supervisors increased aplenty, according to numbers compiled by faculty who are angry about the shift.

Report details HSU tenure, pay disparities
Eureka Times Standard
A new report released Tuesday said that Humboldt State University leads the California State University system in both the elimination of tenure-track positions and the disparity in pay raises between administrators and instructors …

CSU faculty set stage to push for raise
Sacramento Bee
As it prepares to reopen contract negotiations in May, the California State University’s faculty union has launched a campaign arguing that workers’ salaries have not kept up with the times.

CSU faculty association rips management hiring, president pay
Long Beach Press Telegram
Faculty at Cal State University say administration pay raises over the last decade, amid what they claim are stagnating salaries for professors, prove executives in the 23-campus system value lining their pockets over educating students.

California State Teachers’ salary increase rate is less than the superintendent

The ChinaPress
加州教职工协会(California Faculty Association)的报告称,在过去10年中,经理和学监的薪水上调了24%,而全职教职工的薪水只上调了10%。经理和学监2014年的…

Instructors don’t get CSU support
Coyote Chronicle (CSU San Bernardino)
CFA has released the first document in their “Race to the Bottom” series, exposing how the CSU system has failed to support its instructors. The “Race to the Bottom” series is a compilation of evidence by CFA documenting the lack of wage increases for CSU instructors in the last 10 years.

Ten Years at the Bottom
University Times (Cal State L.A.)
Faculty members on campus are racing to find answers in the CSU system’s failure to provide salary raises.  According to the California Faculty Association (CFA), evidence from the past ten years shows the California State University (CSU) system has failed to increase salaries of faculty members on all CSU campuses.

California Faculty Association releases white paper
The Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)
The California State Faculty Association, which represents 25,000 professors in the California State University system, released the first of three segments in a white paper series titled “Race to the Bottom”: CSU’s 10-year Failure to Fund its Core Mission.

Faculty salary concerns continue
Sonoma State Star 
The California Faculty Association released the first installment of the paper series, “Race to the Bottom,” on March 3. The first release, “Race to the Bottom: The CSU’s Failure to Fund its Core Mission,” illustrates how the California State University has flatlined its funding for faculty over the past 10 years, despite economic fluctuation. 

CSU salary drought
The Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)
The California Faculty Association released on Tuesday the first of a series of four “White Papers,” which is a report that accuses California State University administrators of failing to invest in student success. 

California’s state universities: Ivy League talent, bush league wages
Capital & Main
The good news for the professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches employed by California’s State University system is that their salaries stand out from those paid to them in the years 2004-13. The bad news is why they do.

Faculty union blasts California State University teacher pay in report
Long Beach Press Telegram
The union representing faculty throughout California State University released a blistering report Tuesday accusing administrators for the 23-campus system of allowing salaries to flatten over the past decade and fall behind other education systems in the state and across the nation.

CSU faculty says wage increase needed
Capital Public Radio
Faculty members at California State University say administrators have failed to invest in professor salaries. The California Faculty Association released a report today showing its member’s salaries have essentially remained flat, while compensation at the University of California and in the community college system has gone up.

Faculty salaries lead ‘race to the bottom’
Spartan Daily (San Jose State)
Outrage over disturbingly low wages for faculty in the California State University system has reached a boiling point for many affected faculty. 

CSU profs: Stagnant pay pushing us out of middle class
San Jose Mercury News
After a decade of stagnant wages, professors in the California State University system have lost more purchasing power than other public college faculty in the state and nationwide — a trend that is pushing them out of the middle class, according to a report released Tuesday by the California Faculty Association.

CSU profs report stagnant pay, with Chico State the worst
Chico Enterprise-Record
After a decade of stagnant wages, professors in the California State University system have lost more purchasing power than other public college faculty in the state and nationwide — a trend that is pushing them out of the middle class, according to a report released Tuesday by the California Faculty Association.