CFA Testimonials: Why we’re voting ‘Yes’

CFA and CSU administration have reached a tentative agreement after 10 months of bargaining. The CFA Board of Directors has unanimously voted to recommend that CFA members vote “Yes” in favor of ratification. 

The tentative agreement contains salary increases for all faculty and a system-wide Equity program, as well as numerous improvements to workload and no “takeaways” or increases to benefit contributions. 

Numerous CFA members are encouraging colleagues to ratify the tentative agreement and vote ‘Yes.’ Here are some of their reasons.

Begins to mend salary structure

“I’m voting YES because this contract begins the process of correcting salary inequity across the system, and because we’ll have another chance next year, and the following year, to keep the pressure on. There have been years of losses for faculty, and we’ll need all the time it takes to ensure fairness for all.”

—Susan Gubernat, Professor (English), CSU East Bay

Reclassifies Lecturers and provides workload relief for new faculty

“In the past, I have listened to heart-breaking stories from Lecturers who were hired at Level L.  The elimination of Level L goes a way to resolving some of the injustices faced by contingent faculty over the years.  I am also happy that the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) has been preserved, and that there will be workload relief for new tenure-track faculty.”

—John Donovan, Lecturer (History), Cal State LA

No “takeaways”

“I’m voting YES because are no takebacks in this contract. My contribution for the pension did not go up, unlike other unions in California, and my health benefits contribution did not go up. I don’t want to get a five percent raise to give back four. I am thrilled because this contract is good for all faculty— lecturers, tenured and tenure track.”

—Cathy Jeppson, Lecturer (Business), CSU Northridge

Recognition of cultural taxation

“This contract recognizes the issue of cultural taxation, which refers to faculty members who do more than their share of recruiting and mentoring underrepresented students because of their shared cultural, linguistic and class background… We need to recognize and support faculty members who are putting extraordinary effort to help students succeed so that we can continue to benefit from the contributions that our students bring to the university.  Vote YES to ratify the contract!”

—Rosalinda Quintanar, Professor (Elementary Education), San Jose State

A step in the right direction

“I am voting YES to ratify our tentative contract agreement. While there is still work to be done on faculty pay, this contract will provide me, a librarian well below the SSI max, a decent salary increase and is a step in the right direction towards helping faculty live and work in the most expensive city in the country.”

—Catherine Powell, Librarian, San Francisco State

Click here to download a PDF booklet of the ratification testimonials.