CFA’s 2018 Legislative Agenda
Protecting the People's University

Protecting the CSU students and faculty, and maintaining the high quality of public higher education in the state is a focal point of CFA’s work. 

One of the ways we do that is by working with lawmakers on legislation that could further improve and protect the People’s University.

Here’s an overview of the legislation CFA is working on this year.

CFA 2018 Bill/Budget Package


SB 968 (Pan) Mental Health Counselor- Student Ratio

This bill would require each CSU campus to hire one mental health counselor per 1,500 students.

See a Fact Sheet about SB 968

UPDATE: This bill has passed the State Senate and will go to a vote of the State Assembly in late August. It was amended to apply only to the CSU, with a request that UC implement similar counselor-to-student ratios.

SB 1421 (Skinner) Right to Know

This bill would modify the special secrecy for police officers to make records available to the public in cases involving sexual assault or dishonesty in criminal investigations, where accusations were sustained after due process. The bill would also make available records related to police shootings and other serious or deadly uses of force incidents, after 180 days, or after an investigation has been concluded (whichever comes first).

View a Community Fact Sheet about SB 1421

UPDATE: This bill has passed the State Senate and will go to a vote of the State Assembly in late August.

AB 2351 (Eggman) and ACA 13 (Eggman) Free Higher Education

AB 2351: This bill would define what is meant by free higher education and would establish a funding source.

ACA 13: This bill would exempt AB 2351’s funding source from proposition 98 and the Gann rule.

See Fact Sheets about AB 2351 and about ACA 13

AB 2408 (Weber) CSU Ethnic Studies

This bill would require CSU students to take a 3 unit ethnic studies course as a general education requirement in order to graduate.

See a Fact Sheet about AB 2408

AB 2505 (Santiago) CSU Report and Audit

This bill would establish regular reports and an audit by the California State Auditor of the CSU. The report and audit would include quarterly budget checks, reporting on “off books” funds, and include a review how staffing decisions are made.

See a Fact Sheet about AB 2505

UPDATE: In August, this bill was amended in the legislature to require a report that includes a summary of current hiring practices for all California State University positions, including executive, management, faculty, and nonfaculty support staff positions. This report also would compare hiring practices at the CSU to the best practices for hiring persons to similar positions at UC and the California Community Colleges.


Line-Item Budget

This is a line-item budget ask to re-direct $50 million in current CSU funding to hire tenure-track faculty. The language will establish a baseline of faculty and specifies that the $50 million would be spent above maintenance of effort. The bill also includes reporting on specific outcomes that reflect how the funds spent accomplish intent of the funding and makes the case for Lecturer conversions.

UPDATE: Money for tenure-line hiring was included in the final state budget for 2018-2019. See Gov. Brown, Legislature approve additional state funding for CSU

Funding of the CSU

The Governor’s January budget would provide $92 million more in 2018-19. This amount is much less than half of the $263 million the CSU Chancellor and Trustees requested of him. We find both numbers inadequate to serve California’s students. We recommend a 5% increase in student enrollment this year which necessitates a$422.6 million investment in the CSU that would allow the CSU to increase admissions by more than 18,000 FTE students.

UPDATE: The final 2018-19 state budget adopted in June included substantially more CSU funding, including dollars to enroll more students and to hire more tenure-line faculty. See Gov. Brown, Legislature approve additional state funding for CSU

Go to the State Legislature’s bills information page for the full text and status of any bill.