Guiding Principles
CFA's Anti-Racism and Social Justice Transformation

The California Faculty Association’s Anti-Racism and Social Justice Transformation is guided by 10 principles, supported by a resolution passed in 2015 by delegates to the 83rd CFA Assembly.

The guiding principles are:

  • We are a strong social justice organization, but we can be even stronger.
  • We intentionally center Anti-Racism as part of our mission.
  • We acknowledge that even WE in CFA are part of the problem of racism.
  • We acknowledge that WE can be part of the solution by being intentionally committed to addressing it.
  • We engage in courageous conversations about racism and discrimination, in order to transform our union.
  • We adopt changes in organizational values, policies and practices consistent with principles of anti-racism and social justice.
  • We become a more inclusive Union by focusing on, adopting and adapting the principles of anti-racism, social justice and equity to our union and employment work.
  • We practice anti-racism and non-discrimination behavior with one another and others, including our students and colleagues, in order to become more socially just beings and to ensure a stronger and more inclusive union.
  • We ensure that this transformation is sustainable and the philosophy upon which it is based is continually offered to new and emerging leaders in our union and on our campuses.
  • Fairness and Justice should be faculty working conditions!

Click here to download a bookmark that includes our 10 Guiding Principles.