Mission Statement
Tim Sampson Intern Program

The Tim Sampson Student Internship Program was established to build a statewide effort for students and faculty to build an ongoing partnership around issues critical to the California State University (CSU).

The Student Intern Program creates an opportunity for students to build ties with student groups on their campus, their general campus population, and the movement for educational rights in higher education.

The program enables our interns to work closely with the California Faculty Association (CFA), which provides students with the opportunity to learn organizing and leadership skills.

Students work with other students on campus to educate them about CFA and mobilize support for issues that affect all of us in the CSU. We have built a strong student intern program that includes interns at most campuses; oversight of the student interns at the chapter level via northern California and southern California Student Coordinators who synchronize the student intern program; and the everyday work of interns on the campus.

To oversee this statewide program, there is a Student Intern Committee in CFA that reports to the Board of Directors and the CFA Officers. The student internship program was created to help preserve the mission of the CSU as “the people’s university” where students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds can receive a high quality education at an affordable cost.