Send a Letter to the Editor

Send a letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor can have a huge impact on issues that face the CSU and CFA. Here CFA offers tips and advice on writing a letter to the editor, as well as links for local newspapers.

Importance of Letters

Please write a letter to the editor today. Letters serve three important purposes:

  1. They show assignment editors that readers, listeners and viewers are interested in a topic. Letters encourage them to continue to report on that topic.
  2. Letters pages of newspapers and letters segments on TV and radio are popular items. Letters add our angle to the public discussion.
  3. When editors receive a bunch of letters on a topic they will run one. So even if your letter is not published, it helps to convince the editor to publish one of them.

Have you seen articles about CFA?

Have you seen a news article with a statement you vehemently reject, or on a subject to which you want to add the faculty’s perspective? Write a letter to the editor.

View just some of the articles and broadcast segments on CFA that have run in the last few weeks to which you may want to respond.

You also can check for articles at CFA in the News.


  • Keep it short. 50-200 words maximum.
  • Stick to one main point.
  • When possible reference an actual article that appeared or aired on the topic.
  • Express a clear opinion – for/against, right/wrong.
  • Send it right away. After a few days it’s too late. The news marches on.

Letter Format

<date> <name of newspaper> <fax or email of newspaper>


Regarding: <topic, or title/date of article to which you are responding>

Dear Editor,


<your name> <your titles>
<your contact information for the letters editor>

Where to send your letter

Most newspapers print letters. Many radio stations, particularly National Public Radio affiliates, and some television programs read letters.

To find addresses of other media outlets

  • Type the name of the media outlet into an online search engine
  • Go to the outlet’s web site
  • Look for instructions on sending letters under “opinion,” “letters” or “contact us”