2013 Campus Equity Week • East Bay
CSU East Bay

On Monday, Oct 28 the CSU East Bay community was invited to a celebration of love, commitment, and equality! As part of Equity Week, we hosted a wedding reception, co-sponsored with our union brothers and sisters in Academic Professionals of California and the CSU Employees Union, to commemorate the death of Prop 8 and DOMA and to celebrate marriage equality in California and beyond.

Like any good wedding reception, there was cake and champagne!

On Tuesday we showed the movie “For Profit,” served pizza and had a discussion of Student Debt

Finally, on Thursday we hosted a panel discussion titled “The Corporation and Privatization of Education” on the current scary trends in higher education—for profit education, outsourcing of faculty work, MOOCs, legislative online teaching mandates, the exploitation of Lecturer faculty, increasing student fees, student debt, and the threat to our students’ experience in the classroom.

Our guest panelists were Lillian Taiz, President, California Faculty Association; Craig Flanery, National Coordinator, New Faculty Majority; and Justin Blea, CSU East Bay alumnus and labor organizer