Agreement Reached on salary Range Elevation
More Lecturers and temporary Librarians will be eligible for a higher salary range

Lecturers and temporary librarians will have additional opportunities to move up in salary range, thanks to the Range Elevation agreement CFA secured this month.

The improvements to Range Elevation were negotiated between CFA and CSU management, as part of a process mandated by the 2016 Salary Settlement.  The 2016 Salary Settlement also included General Salary Increases for all faculty members.

The new agreement means Lecturers and temporary librarians who are eligible will be able to apply to move from one salary range to the next (eg, Range A to B, B to C, or C to D), resulting in a salary increase of five percent or more. 

The Range Elevation changes will be phased in over the next three years.  Those with the most Full-Time Adjusted Service (FTAS) will be eligible to apply first.

You can obtain more details, including Q&A, information on how to calculate Full-Time Adjusted Service, eligibility information, rollout schedule, salary chart, text of the agreement, campus Range Elevation procedures, and more, at CFA’s Range Elevation webpage:

You can also view a PowerPoint presentation presentation on Range Elevation: