Bargaining Information: Equity–We’re Still not Caught Up
By Kevin Wehr

Several issues from the last contract have finally been wrapped up, however. The first is that a small bit of money was left over from the implementation of the PPI program for senior Full Professor faculty. The contract stipulated that any rollover money go into a General Salary Increase for all faculty. Because of the small amount of money and the large number of faculty in the system, this amounted to a .045% increase. It may seem like peanuts, but it goes into our base salary. So buy yourself something pretty.

The slightly better news is for Equity Year 2 (but only slightly). You may recall that the first year equity program was paid out to Assistant Professors back in 2008. The second year was to go to Associate Professors and some Full Professors who suffered from salary inversion or compression, but the program was cancelled by the Chancellor’s Office due to the budget cuts. This was particularly problematic since many Associate Professors were thus left in the donut hole between Assistant Professors who got equity boosts and Full Professors who received PPI money. The first year of the equity program, however, left $1,000,000 unpaid (out of $7,000,000 budgeted). This money was to roll over into year two, making the total for year two $8,000,000. Since the main amount for year two was cancelled, we were left with $1,000,000 to use for year two, or 1/8 of the original amount. The CFA and the Chancellor’s Office have agreed to pay this $1,000,000 according to the program originally set up for 2009. Though this is radically less than what should have been paid, it nonetheless is something of a down payment. CFA will continue to fight for a new Equity Program in the next contract that will correct this egregious wrong perpetrated by the Chancellor’s Office.