Bargaining resumes this week, salary issues to be on the table

The Chancellor’s Office bargaining team says that because the state budget is now in place, it will respond to CFA with salary proposals and other issues so that bargaining can move ahead.

“The foot-dragging on discussing the salary structure, if not the exact amounts, has been frustrating. We could be a lot further along than we are,” says Andy Merrifield, chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team.

“But, it is still possible to get the broad outlines of a contract in place this month. We want that done by June 30 when the current contract expires,” he added.

CFA’s bargaining team meets with the management team again this Thursday and Friday.

Merrifield explained, “We expect to negotiate over workload and job stability, in addition to salary issues. Our team is committing to extended hours, including weekends, to get a good contract.”

However, the Bargaining Team and CFA leaders are prepared to work on next steps if the CSU is unwilling to settle on a fair contract, especially in regard to salary. To that end, CFA has scheduled a summit in early July to make plans to act based on the results of the bargaining process to date.

“While we hope to discuss plans for ratification and implementation,” Merrifield said, “we have to be prepared to engage our entire membership as we have done successfully in the past to get the contract our members deserve.”