Bargaining Update: CFA submits salary proposal

On April 24th and 25th, the CFA Bargaining Team met with CSU administration in Sacramento and submitted a comprehensive salary proposal that attempts to both remediate terrible problems created by years of deprivation, while at the same time moving all of us forward toward economic recovery. 

The three-year proposal addresses all of the salary areas that CFA has identified as problematic, such as stagnation, progression, compression, inversion, equity, and lecturer range misclassification.

In addition to a comprehensive salary proposal, we also recommended improvements in the Parental Leave provisions. Along with our salary proposal, we believe enhancing the system’s parental leave provisions will help make the CSU a more attractive destination for talented candidates seeking positions in higher education.

“Our salary and parental leave proposals assume we share a common interest in attracting and retaining the best faculty so that our students will get the quality education that they deserve,” said Lillian Taiz, president of CFA.

Andy Merrifield, chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team, said “we must continue to keep up the pressure for a resolution of the contract before June 30th.”

“If, however, we don’t get an agreement by the time our contract expires, we have been directed by the CFA Spring Assembly, ‘to prepare for a more aggressive contract campaign in the fall should negotiations not prove fruitful,’” Merrifield said.