Bargaining Update: Chancellor’s salary proposal inadequate

On Monday and Tuesday, the CFA bargaining team met with the Chancellor’s representatives in an attempt to resolve the remaining issues left in bargaining.

While it seems that all parties at the table understand the salary issues, including stagnation, inversion and compression, progression and misclassification, the Chancellor’s proposal is simply inadequate to address those problems.

As the CFA team told the Chancellor’s representatives, their proposal will leave faculty right back where we started instead of setting us on the road to health. We would end up facing more of the same problems, including inversion exacerbated by the inability to progress through the ranks and ranges.

“We are not that far apart in several key areas, including salary,” said Andy Merrifield, chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team. “For years our members have sacrificed for the CSU; it’s time for the Chancellor and campus presidents to recognize that faculty deserve, at long last, to be paid fairly for their hard work.”

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