Bargaining Update: More information about CFA’s salary proposal

At our last bargaining session with CSU management, the CFA Bargaining Team presented a comprehensive salary proposal. As we indicated in our last report, the proposal “attempts to both remediate terrible problems created by years of deprivation, while at the same time moving all of us forward toward recovery.”

Among the most troubling problems we hope to remediate are compression and inversion. In the CSU, compression happens when more experienced faculty members are not given raises and new(er) hires with less experience are paid at similar salaries. Inversion, on the other hand occurs when newer hires are paid more than incumbent faculty members. 

CFA’s Bargaining Team proposed several remedies over the next three years for these persistent problems caused by the lack of investment in CSU faculty over the past 7 years.

  • GSI: We have proposed that all faculty members receive a General Salary Increase (GSI) each year of the contract. A GSI is a salary increase across the board to all employees in our bargaining unit. Not only do GSI’s help us avoid salary stagnation but they also help us ameliorate compression by providing regular raises for current employees.
  • SSI: We have proposed Service Salary Increases (SSI) each year of the contract for those eligible. SSIs help faculty make progress through the ranks by providing a salary increase within a range and up to a set maximum.  Traditionally, it has been 2.65% and has required special eligibility for part-time, temporary faculty unit members which we propose to amend. Regular SSIs and GSIs help address inversion.
  • Equity: We have also proposed an Equity salary program, which in the first two years (when combined with regular SSIs) should go far to address the worst cases of compression and inversion.
  • Lecturer range misclassification: This program would ensure that qualified Lecturers are not hired into a salary classification that is inconsistent with their academic degree and experience.

While we will fight for these improvements no matter what happens in the state budget, the Bargaining Team urges you to send a message to Gov. Jerry Brown to invest in the CSU. Click here to send a message today.