Bargaining Update: Salary among issues discussed

Long Beach — CFA’s Bargaining Team met with the CSU management team at the Chancellor’s Office last week.  Both teams exchanged proposals, but the main focus of the sessions was the Chancellor’s salary proposal.

Management finally presented CFA with its compensation offer, a three-year program addressing some of the salary issues faced by faculty.

“CFA’s team is developing a counterproposal on salary, as we are interested in seeing better, fairer salaries for members than the administration is currently offering,” said Andy Merrifield, who chairs CFA’s Bargaining Team.

We will continue negotiations through next week in anticipation of the expiration of our contract on June 30.

“We are making progress on some issues where we have, or are close to having, agreement,” said Jonathan Karpf, a member of CFA’s Bargaining Team.

“Workload is of tremendous importance and very much connected to salary issues, so we plan to bargain further over this topic,” said Bargaining Team member Molly Talcott.

In her 100-Day countdown video, Talcott talks about how she has to work 6-7 days a week to keep up with work demands, and that missing a day means falling behind. She explains in her short clip that as the student population grows, tenure line faculty are called upon to do more with less. For information on negotiations and to view our 100-Day Contract Countdown videos and efforts, click here.

Andy Merrifield added, “There is still a good amount to be hashed out before negotiations are complete. Our members have had no raises or workload relief for years. These are important issues, and the Bargaining Team will continue to work towards our goal of a fair contract.”