Briefing on the Tentative Agreement
Tuesday, April 19

As a follow-up to the good news of a Tentative Agreement regarding faculty salaries, we want to make you aware of an upcoming Briefing and an FAQ document that has been posted.

Upcoming meeting

CFA will host a Briefing on the Tentative Agreement on Tuesday, April 19, 12:30-1:30pm, in Templo Mayor (on the second floor, in the Student Union Building).  CFA Statewide President Jennifer Eagan will lead the presentation and answer questions.  Please RSVP to CFA if you would like to attend.

Given the Tentative Agreement, we are discontinuing the Fight for Five Strike meetings.  (We will, of course, host a thank-you celebration event at a date and time to be determined!)

FAQ available

A Frequently Asked Questions document regarding the salary increases is available and we encourage you to review it:

Ratification vote

A ratification vote will take place between Friday, April 22 and Friday, April 29.  CFA members will be eligible to vote in the ratification vote.  More information will be provided about the ratification vote at a later date.