Budget and Bargaining updates

We hope you have had a good break and a happy new year.  This post contains information about proposed 2014/15 budget funding for the CSU and a recap of the most recent negotiation session for our new faculty contract.

Budget proposal for CSU
Governor Brown released his 2014/15 budget proposal last week.  The governor’s budget includes improved funding for public higher education.  CFA believes, however, that the governor’s proposal does not go far enough if we are to rebuild the CSU and maintain quality public higher education for our students.  The Speaker of the Assembly, John Perez, has proposed a higher funding level for the CSU, and CFA is urging legislators to support the Speaker’s CSU funding proposal.  You can urge your legislator to support increased CSU funding at this link:

Re-cap of most recent contract session
The CFA Bargaining Team met with representatives of CSU management last Thursday and Friday for discussions that the CFA Team called “cordial and constructive.”  The sides took up two topics of great concern to faculty members: salary and workload.  While no fully developed proposals or solutions have been offered yet, the sides worked to identify areas of general agreement.  Importantly, they agreed that the lack of adequate salary increases has hurt faculty across the CSU system.  CSU management acknowledged specific issues that CFA has been raising for years, including salary inversion and compression, stagnation, and equity.

CFA made a presentation at the bargaining session on workload.  The CFA Bargaining Team identified areas within teaching, research and service where, over the years, the demands on faculty have become excessive.  CFA suggested a variety of ways that the issue could be addressed in each category of work.  The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for January 30-31.

Request a door sign to show your support of faculty contract bargaining
Our chapter office has door signs in support of a fair faculty contract. (It’s an attractive sign!)  If you would like a sign, please let us know by reply e-mail and we will have one delivered to you.

We will continue to keep in touch on these important budget funding and contract negotiation issues.