Campaigning is hard work, yet it is an essential component to the success of any governmental relations program. What happens in the voting booth impacts what happens at the University.  Elections are not won by monetary contributions; they are won by the hard work of volunteers who help deliver the vote on Election Day. Candidates need to know that CFA is willing to contribute both time and money to ensure their victory, and a victory for the California State University and the students it serves.

CFA can impact a candidate’s election or initiative campaign in many ways. Some include working directly with a candidate’s campaign, conducting internal campaigns to influence voters, and providing financial support through CFA Political Action funds. Before we get into specifics, please keep in mind these IMPORTANT campaign protocols:


  • ALL campaign related expenses MUST be approved by CFA Headquarters prior to an expense being incurred. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please contact CFA’s Political Organizer at (916) 441-4848 or for information about expense approvals.
  • Do NOT use any state resources in your election work. This includes campus phones, email, computers, internal campus mail, copy machines or faxes.
  • CFA Campus Chapter funds may NOT be used for political purposes.
  • CFA does not have a federal PAC and therefore we are PROHIBITED from spending any CFA resources to influence federal elections. The expenditure or use of any CFA resources for a federal candidate constitutes a violation of federal election and tax law and would result in penalties to both individuals and the organization.
  • These rules should not discourage faculty from engaging in politics. Instead, CFA encourages interested faculty to contact CFA’s Political Organizer at (916) 441-4848 or to get answers to your questions regarding political engagement.

The following is a list of activities that faculty, individually and collectively; can do to impact the outcome of an election. This list is not exhaustive.

Guidelines: Working with the Candidate’s Campaign

As a volunteer for a campaign, you may be asked to do all sorts of activities by campaign coordinators: telephone voters, register voters, recruit new volunteers, tally polling results, make sandwiches for Election Day volunteers, address hundreds of envelopes, or affix thousands of stamps. This list is endless.

The important thing to keep in mind is that every task completed – even the most seemingly insignificant – contributes to a victory. Know that the work you are doing, although tiring or repetitive, can positively influence the outcome of an election. Most importantly, as a CFA member volunteering, you are demonstrating CFA’s commitment to helping the candidate get elected which will help strengthen our relationship with the candidate for the future.

Campaigns especially need help in the crucial time of “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) efforts which is usually the weekend before an election through Election Day in order to reach out to their identified supporters and make sure they vote.

Tools: Member-to-Member Campaigning and Communication

Similar to the bulk of work CFA did on behalf of Proposition 55 during the 2016 election, CFA may choose to do advocacy designed to educate and influence the vote of CFA members. This work can take on many forms including hall walking, telephoning and sending communications to CFA members about CFA-endorsed candidates and ballot initiatives.