Campus-based equity programs the focus of CFA meetings

A series of meetings are being held in northern and southern California this week, where CFA chapter presidents, leaders and staff are discussing campus-based equity programs and preparing for local efforts.

The programs, which could mean salary increases for CSU faculty, are intended to help correct salary inequities, such as inversion and compression, which have plagued the CSU system.

“We have some level of commitment for campus-based equity programs from nine of the 23 campuses,” said Kevin Wehr, president of the CFA Capitol Chapter and a member of the CFA Bargaining Team.

“On those nine campuses, our members hope to work closely with management to correct salary inversion and compression as quickly as possible; on the other 14 campuses, CFA members will stress the importance of these programs to morale and will press management for a firm commitment.”

The new contract language reads:

31.12: Presidents may make additional awards which, if issued, must address campus equity issues, including, but not limited to inversion and compression. The President shall consult with representatives of the campus CFA chapter in developing the procedures and criteria to be used in determining the distribution of such equity awards. While not all departments and/or programs may be affected, the distribution of awards must use criteria that are developed based upon a campus-wide review of salary issues. These awards are distinct from Market Increases set out separately in Article 31.25.