Campus-based Faculty Equity program
Joint Statement from President Hirshman and CFA President Charles Toombs

CFA chapter President Charles Toombs has met with President Hirshman in recent weeks and discussed with him the need for a campus-based Faculty Equity program. 

Equity adjustments are needed to address deficiencies in the faculty salary structure.  These deficiencies include long-term inequities such as salary inversion (when new hires are brought in at higher rates of pay than longer-term faculty) and salary compression (an experience penalty against long-term faculty at the top of their salary ladder who are not eligible for progression).

Following on the recent successful negotiation of a Tentative Agreement for a new faculty contract, we are pleased to share with you the news that there will be a campus-based SDSU Faculty Equity program. 

President Hirshman and CFA chapter President Toombs are issuing the following statement regarding this program:

“Contingent upon ratification and approval of the CFA-CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement, President Hirshman is committed to a Faculty Equity program (and a corresponding program for staff) and to consulting with the campus CFA chapter in developing the procedures and criteria to be used in determining the distribution of the faculty equity awards.”

This campus-based Faculty Equity program will be in addition to a statewide Equity program that is included in the Tentative Agreement.  Following ratification of the Tentative Agreement by the faculty, and its approval by the CSU Board of Trustees, CFA will move quickly to initiate discussions with the administration regarding the procedures and criteria for the Faculty Equity program.

CFA recently delivered hundreds of letters from faculty members to President Hirshman, calling on him to provide campus resources for salary relief.  We appreciate President Hirshman’s commitment to work with CFA in addressing the need for salary relief for the faculty.

We will be sure to keep faculty members updated as discussions move forward on developing this important program.