Cancellation of Thursday’s Fight for Five meeting
2-day "blackout" period in strike preparations

In light of this morning’s announcement of a two-day “blackout” period, including a pause in strike preparations, Thursday’s Fight for Five meeting is cancelled.

The message sent this morning from CFA Statewide President Jennifer Eagan is reprinted below.

Thank you for your commitment and hard work, and we will all look forward to a further announcement on Friday morning.


Message from CFA President Jennifer Eagan:

Yesterday, efforts to settle our contract dispute intensified; talks with CSU management resumed and, for the first time, included the direct participation of the Chancellor.  Prodded by the release of the factfinders report and the looming April 13th strike date, the parties decided to try talks once more before CFA leaders on all 23 campuses shut the entire system down.

As the talks began, CFA was gratified that the Chancellor expressed the same concerns we have highlighted for some time about the toll a system-wide strike could take on the CSU. A strike would affect our students, the faculty, and would put at risk the relationship between faculty and the CSU administration for years to come. 

In order to encourage fruitful talks, CFA and CSU management have agreed on a two-day “blackout period.” During this quiet time we hope to develop an agreement that not only settles this contract reopener but also can lead to an improved relationship between the faculty and the CSU administration.

During this blackout period, we have agreed that neither party will talk to the news media. Moreover, both sides will cease their campus-wide communications and preparations for the strike.

At the conclusion of the 48 hours we will either have a tentative agreement or it will be full speed ahead towards the strike.

For now, CFA is asking the faculty to put strike preparations on hold to give both parties breathing room while we attempt to craft an agreement. I want to thank all of the faculty who have been engaging in preparations for their hard work, dedication, creativity, and bravery.  Please take a much needed rest from these preparations for two days, and stay tuned for another update on Friday morning of this week.