Candidate Identification & Development
CSU Faculty Running for Public Office!

First confronted with term limits in 1990, the California Faculty Association began a program to identify and recruit legislative candidates committed to high quality public higher education to serve in public office. It was our view that as legislative institutional memory faded, additional candidate recruitment work had to be done to provide the legislative process with a good positive working knowledge of the needs of the CSU.

Numerous CFA members have been elected to legislative office over the years including the current Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. We also recognize, however, the need to continue exploring additional opportunities to elect CSU faculty to the State Legislature.

Who better to serve in public office than a faculty member who has already mastered the skills of educating, is knowledgeable, and is comfortable with public speaking?  CFA is asking all CFA members to assist in finding faculty and encouraging them to run for public office.

If you know of faculty who may be interested in seeking elective office or you can help this effort in any way, please email the CFA Government Relations team at or call (916) 441-4848.

We rely on your help and will only be as successful in these efforts as your assistance allows.


“Each chapter should be seeking out individuals from the University community, with special emphasis on CFA members, to run for public office with a view to becoming a member of the California Legislature or a California Constitutional officer.”