CFA action on CSU Executive Orders 1100 and 1110
Jennifer Eagan, President, California Faculty Association

The following was presented during public comment before the Education Policy Committee of the Trustees of the California State University.


On Sunday, October 29, CFA’s Bi-Annual Assembly, a body comprised of faculty from all 23 campuses, passed two resolutions unanimously regarding the recent Executive Orders issued by the Chancellor’s Office. One calls for the rescinding of Executive Order 1110 mandating changes to remediation and one calls for the rescinding of Executive Order 1100 [revised] which mandates changes to General Education on all campuses.

Each of these resolutions begins with the same justification, stating that:

“Chancellor White’s Executive Order was issued without meaningful consultation or consideration of faculty governance protocols, an egregious violation of traditional and statutorily mandated faculty purview over curricular issues and academic freedom.”

Both of these resolutions call for these Executive Orders to be immediately rescinded and not reissued until both thoughtful research and analysis as well as appropriate consultation with faculty and students has occurred.

The resolution regarding EO 1100 [revised] also resolves …

“that CFA call on the CSU to implement the recommendations of the Ethnic Studies Task Force, specifically the recommendations of inclusion of all General Education areas that are unique to individual CSU campuses in General Education requirements”

and “that CFA call on the Chancellor to extend the recently expired moratorium on campus actions to shrink or eliminate Ethnic Studies programs or departments and reverse any campus‐based initiatives that erode enrollment in ethnic studies courses or the sustainability of ethnic studies programs.”

If you want to graduate students more quickly, ask us, ask faculty.  Invest in instruction, reduce class sizes, support faculty in their mentorship of students, increase tenure density, and roll back student fees.  No other measures or gimmicks will work until you address what has been taken away from instruction, the central mission of the CSU.  Taking away more quality from instruction, in the form of reducing the input of faculty in the curriculum and reducing the quality, uniqueness, and student choice and opportunity just won’t work.

The faculty have been expressing their views about why these policies won’t work.  You should listen to the faculty who work with students and create the curriculum.  They are not administrators who haven’t taught at the CSU and do not know our students beyond their numerical representation on spreadsheets.

You can’t successfully govern the CSU by fiat, not only because it violates HEERA and not only because it violates CSU policy and past practice, but because it leads to bad decisions and bad outcomes.     

The last resolved is the same in both resolutions as well:

“that CFA support campus struggles originating in the issuance of this Executive Order by asking chapter presidents and executive board members to support faculty and students engaged in this battle.”

That’s what we intend to do.