CFA and CSU Chancellor Reach Agreement on New Employee Orientation Requirements

Effective July 1, 2017, California’s Assembly Bill 119 went into effect, requiring the CSU, as well as other public employers in the state, to provide unions with information about new and current employees. The information includes home addresses, phone numbers, and other information useful for the union to reach represented employees. The law also provides that the information is not subject to the public records law, thus preventing misuse of employee data.

Further, the law requires the CSU to bargain with all of its bargaining units over participation in new employee orientations.  The law requires public employers to negotiate with unions over time, place, and manner for meaningful union access to new employees at their orientation or “onboarding,” whether it happens “in person, online, or through other means.” 

In its findings, the legislature declared, “In order for exclusive representatives to discharge their legal duties and communicate with public employees, it is necessary that public agencies provide information regarding those public employees to exclusive representatives.” For unions, this expressly articulated legislative intent, along with other favorable provisions, provides a good framework for bargaining.

CFA is among the first unions in the state to complete its bargaining for new employee orientation and employee information.  The Memorandum of Understanding can be viewed here.

The agreement recognizes the diversity of “onboarding” practices for CSU faculty and provides for meaningful union access to new employees regardless of the orientation and onboarding they receive.  For example, at orientation events, CFA is provided up to 30 minutes in scheduled programs for new faculty.  CFA will be notified of scheduled appointments for onboarding, and will be able to meet with new employees at the scheduled times.  For drop-ins or appointments that CFA staff or member-leaders are unable to attend, the administration has agreed to supply CFA’s membership packages on our behalf.

We look forward to a full implementation of the new law and to meeting all new employees in the bargaining unit.