CFA Board of Directors urges members to ratify tentative agreement

The CFA Board of Directors voted unanimously last weekend to send the Tentative Agreement reached with CSU management on the faculty contract to a ratification vote of the members.

The Board approved the CFA Bargaining Team recommendation to ask CFA members to vote “Yes” on the agreement.

Plans are underway to hold the vote soon so that raises can reach faculty members’ paycheck as soon as possible.

Meantime, campus CFA Chapters will hold information sessions for the faculty to become familiar with the terms of the tentative agreement and ask questions about it.

Informational materials about the agreement are being collected on the CFA 2014 Contract Ratification information web page.

More about the agreement and the voting procedure will be added over the coming days, including:

  • A Message to CFA members explaining the Tentative Agreement from CFA President Lillian Taiz and Chair of the Bargaining Team Andy Merrifield
  • A worksheetto estimate an individual faculty member’s raise
  • An FAQ on the Tentative Agreement
  • A news release from CFA about the Tentative Agreement

PLEASE NOTE: While all faculty members receive the protections, salary and benefits provided in the faculty contract, the right to vote belongs to members of the California Faculty Association.

If you or a colleague wishes to Join CFA and vote, click on the link to join online or to print out and postal mail an application.