CFA calls on management to begin talks on pay raises for California State University faculty

The California Faculty Association (CFA) started a process today to bargain pay raises for 23,000 faculty in the 23-campus California State University system.

CFA sent a formal notice to California State University (CSU) management of the intent to re-open talks on the salary section of the current faculty contract.Raises would apply to academic year 2013/14.

“When we settled this contract last year,” says Andy Merrifield, chair of the CFA Bargaining Team, “we agreed to the possibility of raises in the second year.Now that it is very likely the state will begin to step up funding for the university, it makes sense to get the talks started.“

He added, “Raises at this point would be a small step in the right direction. Our members are long overdue.”

CSU faculty and staff made many sacrifices as the CSU got slammed with many years of cuts. And, CSU employees worked to convince legislators and the governor to make funding for higher education a priority.”

CFA members and other CSU employees also worked hard to pass Proposition 30 in the election last November to improve revenues to the state. That helped make more funding possible.

After Gov. Jerry Brown included a $125.1 million funding increase in his proposed budget last January, CSU Chancellor Timothy White announced that if the extra funding came through, he would allocate $38 million to raises for employees; only the highest paid senior managers were explicitly left out of the $38 million pool.

The $38 million represents 1.2% of the total pool for all employees. The amount and types of compensation will be determined by the bargaining process for all employees represented by their respective unions.

CFA members are working now to sign up more of our colleagues to become full-fledged CFA members, too.

“Our bargaining position is strengthened by a robust membership,” said Merrifield. “If you have not joined CFA this is a good time to support your colleagues in getting a good contract.”

To join CFA, go to

Beyond reopening the salary section now, the entire faculty contract expires in June 2014. Bargaining on the whole contract could embark as soon as October 2013. That “successor” bargaining will be an opportunity for CFA’s Bargaining Team to address other contract issues as well as salary.