CFA congratulates Romey Sabalius, new faculty representative on the California State University Board of Trustees

The California Faculty Association congratulates Romey Sabalius, a German language professor at San José State, on his appointment to the faculty position on the California State University Board of Trustee  

Professor Sabalius has served on the CSU’s Academic Senate statewide as well as on his campus, and on the executive board of the San José State chapter of the California Faculty Association.   

“He is a person who can speak his mind clearly for what he believes is fair and just, and at the same time he is able to listen and consider what others have to say,” says Preston Rudy, president of the San José CFA Chapter. “I believe he will be a good advocate for our People’s University, to ensure the faculty can make education succeed, and to help our students create a better life for themselves.”   

Prof. Sabalius has taught at San José State since 1995 and coordinates the German Program in the Department of Foreign Languages. In addition to service on the Academic Senates and CFA, he advises all German students and is faculty contact for the German Club.   

He is an internationally recognized expert in contemporary Swiss literature with four books and numerous articles and book chapters on the subject. He also studies the image of the United States in German literature, exile literature, post-colonialism, and foreign language pedagogy. He has guest lectured and presented his research worldwide.   

Governor Jerry Brown announced Prof. Sabalius’ appointment on September 28.