CFA COVID-19 Message: CFA Update on COVID-19-Related Leaves

Dear Colleagues,

Good afternoon and I hope you are taking some time for yourselves and your families this summer, even if it is a stay-cation.

I wanted to reach out today to let you know about some resources available to faculty impacted by California’s surge in COVID-19 cases and by school district plans for virtual or limited in-person K-12 schooling.

First, any full-time faculty interested in taking a voluntary reduction in workload for Academic Year 2020-21, needs to apply by this Friday, July 31.

CFA leaders negotiated the program to allow full-time faculty to apply for a decrease in time base so that their colleagues on part-time appointments can pick up additional work and maintain benefits eligibility.  I encourage all faculty who are able to consider participating in this program.  Find details here.

Secondly, CFA leaders successfully negotiated a temporary paid administrative leave benefit that lasts through December of this year.  This administrative leave option provides immediate benefits for many of our members who need to take care of COVID-19-related matters:

  • The CSU temporary paid leave plan allows up to 256 hours of additional time off for a) all faculty b) academic student employees, and c) non-represented student assistants.
  • The hours can be used at any time – either before or after – any accrued leave or other paid leave is used, but policy requires the hours be used for COVID-19-related reasons. You can see a full explanation here.

Lastly, a CFA working group continues to circulate an online petition in connection with bargaining to expand parental rights.  Providing a family-friendly environment for parents in academia is a necessary part of creating a campus culture that retains underrepresented faculty for our diverse student population. Addressed to the CSU Executive Management, the petition calls for one semester of paid parental leave, lactation rooms in all campus buildings that comply with state and federal laws, and affordable on-campus child-care for faculty.

Click here to read more and sign the petition. Let’s champion a culture that supports a healthy work-life balance for all employees, which has taken on special importance as many of us work from home.

Thank you for staying informed during these ever-changing times.  CFA has a website with our COVID-19 resources. I urge you to check the page regularly for updates on the latest information concerning higher education, CSU faculty, and issues relating to our union’s activities around the pandemic. For specific questions or comments, reach out to the leadership for northern California campuses here and southern California campuses here.

If you haven’t yet become a member of CFA, you can sign up here. Your membership allows CFA to continue our diligent work protecting faculty health, safety, and contract rights.


In Union,

Charles Toombs, Ph.D.
President, California Faculty Association
Professor, Department of Africana Studies
San Diego State University