CFA COVID-19 Message: Concerns About CSU’s Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Colleagues,

With the crisis we are in right now, the need for clear, fact-based communications is paramount. All faculty deserve to hear from CFA leadership and myself clearly, factually, and in a timely fashion. That has been the intent of my messages. This will continue as we work together in this moment.

Too many times already, we have seen what happens without a plan, without leadership, and without consistent communication. This week, at Cal State Fullerton, the university administration announced a plan to cancel in-person instruction this fall and remain virtual, then the administration retracted its statement, claiming that no decision on instruction had been reached. The administration failed to speak with CFA and our members before making this ill-advised announcement.

Wednesday afternoon, I conveyed our members’ concerns to CSU Chancellor Tim White and Vice Chancellor of Human Resources Evelyn Nazario regarding the CSU’s lack of a consistent, coherent response to the COVID-19 crisis and the administration’s continuing failure to consult with faculty about the manner in which instruction should be provided in these uncertain times.

CFA and its faculty members are on the front lines of the system and we know what is required to provide a quality education for our students. The Chancellor should consult faculty – that includes the CSU Academic Senate for modes of instruction and CFA for labor and working conditions.

I made these points in our letter, which can be read here.

We will continue to communicate consistently with all of you in the days, weeks, and months ahead. The work you all have done thus far is commendable on so many levels, and we are thankful for all of you. As always, please be safe and well in these times and continue to look out for one another.


Charles Toombs, Ph.D.
President, California Faculty Association
Department of Africana Studies
San Diego State University