CFA-CSUDH Bylaws Revision Voting
Tuesday, March 24 at 11am – Friday, March 27 at 4pm.

Please note:

Only CFA Members can vote on the bylaws. If you are not already a member, you may join here: If you are not sure if you are a member, please email:

Why are we redoing our bylaws? What are we changing? Primarily we are creating a more clearly directed and more horizontal steering committee that is organized around chairs of committees. Please look especially at Article vi and vii to see the changes.

Some background:

When our last president stepped down after many years of service in challenging times for faculty, there were two things evident:

1. Many hard working activists nominated themselves for offices, but no one came forward for the office of president.
2. The CSU was entering a new era with a new chancellor, and CSUDH was entering a new era with a new president and lots of new campus leadership.

The chapter voted to continue leadership with a committee of the whole. That group and even more activists sat down to figure out how to move forward. Reviewing bylaws, this group realized that the structure of the leadership was placing a lot of work on one person — the president — so we rewrote them to create a more horizontal, collaborative structure.

People involved in revising the bylaws include Vivian Price, Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar, Jose Prado, LaTanya Skiffer, Gurmohan Bevli, Cynthia Villanueva, Emily Magruder, and Clare Weber, when she was still part of faculty.

When we started, we didn’t realize how long it would take for statewide to review, recommend revisions, and eventually approve. Now they are ready for review.

In CFA, many chapters are moving towards having more vice presidents, which is similar to what we are trying to do with co-presidents. Other organizations with the more horizontal type of structure are in the non-profit world.

We hope you will review the bylaws, ask questions, and vote to approve them at

Here’s where the old and new bylaws can be found:

Bylaws must be approved by the membership before there can be a new election. We do have new leadership, and we have wonderful people whom you know have been working hard, like Jose Prado, Emily Magruder, Marisela Chavez, Jim Hill, Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar, Cyndi Villanueva, Gurmohan Bevli, Mike Fraga, as well as a number of activists and some new people just taking on more commitments like Sovathana Sokhom, Claudia Rodriguez and Jeb Middlebrook. Dave Bradfield continues to help, as does Connie Betz, and our professional staff rep, Audrena Redmond and office manager Susan Martinez. We also have several people who’ve agreed to be part of our election committee, including Rudy Vanterpool, John Price and Ericka Verba. Forgive me if I’ve left someone out!

Thanks so much.

Vivian Price  Ph.D.

DH-CFA Co-President
Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies/PACE; Coordinator, Labor Studies
California State University, Dominguez Hills
Small College 130
1000 E Victoria St.
Carson, CA  90747