CFA files “unfair charge” with Public Employment Relations Board
Stand Up for Our Rights

CFA filed an unfair practice charge this week with the state Public Employment Relations Board charging CSU management at Humboldt State with an attempt to coerce counselors there to tell their supervisor whether they intend to participate in the possible five-day strike in April.

Last week, counseling faculty at Humboldt were called into a department-wide, mandatory meeting where they were questioned.

The UP charge points out that such “planning” does not happen during other campus closures like Spring break, Thanksgiving, etc.

This development comes in the context of a crisis for mental health counseling on CSU campuses, characterized by severe underfunding and understaffing. There are far too few counselors for the number of CSU students, a shortage made worse by a relentless management push toward temporary, part-time appointments for CSU counselors.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan said, “If CSU management really cared about students’ mental health they would not have allowed the enormous underfunding of mental health care on our campuses and the downsizing of the counselor workforce. These have been at crisis levels for years.”

Eagan added, “This is not about students’ mental health. This is about the legal rights of workers to take action. CSU counselors love their jobs and care about students.”

CFA’s Faculty Rights representatives have heard reports about similar management tactics at Long Beach and Los Angeles, and they are looking into them.  CFA will amend the current unfair practice charge or file new ones depending on the facts discovered. 

If any other CSU faculty observe or experience this kind of situation, please notify CFA at or via your campus CFA chapter Faculty Rights Rep