CFA, labor allies advocate for additional CSU state funding

CFA and our labor allies are continuing to work to secure an additional $101 million in state funding for the CSU as fine-tuning of the state budget plan is underway.

Last week, CFA applauded the State Assembly for increasing the CSU’s budget by $101 million in additional funding. A trailer bill with language specifying how the additional funding is to be spent also was approved by the budget subcommittee.

California Teacher’s Association leaders were at the Capitol May 24 and advocating on behalf of CFA and the additional $101 million.

“A key provision we’re supporting for the California State University is an additional $101 million. It would cover a 3% enrollment increase. That would provide higher education opportunities for 10,700 full-time students,” said Theresa Montano, CTA Vice President and a CSU Northridge Professor.

The Senate adopted a plan last week that doesn’t include the additional funding. The two plans now head to a Conference Committee, where representatives from both houses of the Legislature come together to hammer out budgetary differences.

The Legislature has until June 15 to send a budget bill to the Governor. Gov. Brown then has until June 30 to act on the measure.