We will use this space to share important future updates, so be sure to check regularly!  As you finish this historic semester and look towards an uncertain future, we want to lift up your ongoing herculean efforts in support of your students and colleagues.  These are sources of constant inspiration and we thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.  One thing that can and should remain constant is our solidarity with one another, so please take some time over the summer to reach out to colleagues in your departments, to neighbors, or friends to be sure they’re safe and healthy. A quick email, text, a phone call, or other forms of mutual aid can be immensely rewarding for all involved.

We also invite you to share with us your experiences, challenges, and concerns @ to help us identify where we need to focus our energy when meeting with the administration.


CFA is working hard to make sure that we have a strong voice in:

-Pay for summer work (virtual teaching trainings, course conversions)

-Intellectual Property protection

-Expectations about fall 20 virtual teaching- especially careful consideration, & SPOT scores

-Health and Safety for faculty teaching in person or otherwise coming to campus (as well as when working from home)

-Impact of state budget deficit

What we’ve fought for:

  1. Sheltering –in-place: This now seems like a no-brainer but at the time that LA County instituted the shelter-in-place order the University was still mandating some faculty come onto campus. We prevailed.
  2. Technology: We have consistently raised the concern that not all faculty have the technology they need to function in this alternative modes of instruction environment.  Please look out for a survey coming from CFA/Senate/Administration.
  3. SPOTS: We worked with the administration to ensure spring SPOTS will not be considered in future personnel decisions.  Our goal was to eliminate them, but we believe we’ve succeed in rendering them meaningless.
  4. Faculty Review and Reappointment for Probationary Faculty: To address the workload spike and research challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, we have reached an agreement that any probationary faculty member, upon request, can receive an extra probationary year on their RTP clock.
  5. Lecturer Faculty Evaluation: To address the workload spike and interruptions in the evaluation process for lecturer faculty, we have reach an agreement to extend timelines. Lecturer faculty rights have been preserved. 
  6. Searches: We have been assured that as of now, all 2019-2020 CSULB tenure line searches are continuing and departments will be able to complete them as projected. All signed offers will be honored.
  7. Intellectual Property Rights: We are continuing to monitor and maintain close communication and collaboration with administration to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights for all unit 3 employees, including librarians, counselors, and coaches.
  8. Parking: For faculty who have parking automatically deducted from their paychecks, we convinced administration to eliminate automatic deduction.
  9. CARES (Federal Stimulus Money): We fought for this to be spent, in part, to compensate faculty for the overwhelming amount of work that the switch to Alternative Modes of Instruction caused and will continue to generate.  President Conoley has now stated that some of the $41 million in CARES money will be spent on Professional Development funds for faculty for summer training in virtual technologies.
  10. Lecturer Conversion: We have been advocating for the conversion of lecturer faculty to tenure line faculty.  We know there are many, many qualified lecturer faculty members on campus who would love to join the tenure line.  Given the bleak budget outlook, lecturer faculty converting to probationary faculty may be the only way to prevent further erosion of tenure density at the University.

A word on COVID-19 and CalPERs: Our retirement fund, CalPERS, is built for the long-haul, so we shouldn’t be alarmed about drops that match the stock market as a whole.  CalPERS, has a decades long investment strategy as well as contingency plans in place to survive stock market swings.  There are also regulations and/or laws in place that protect our pensions, so any changes to our pensions must be negotiated.

You can read these CalPERS FAQs for more information, and can use to manage your account online.

In the context of COVID-19 and the budget deficit, our ability to protect our rights and emerge stronger will require us all to pull together.  Your membership is critical to our success in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace—whether at home or on campus—and to protect our rights, benefits, and pensions.  Our strength comes from our membership. Now more than ever, we need every CSULB faculty, coach, counselor and librarian to be a member:  together we have power.  If you are not a member (or know someone who isn’t) please join us.

Questions: Be sure to visit CFA’s FAQ page that addresses many of the questions we have received and here The pages will be regularly updated.