CFA members approve Tentative Agreement

The results are in: CFA active members voted 97% in favor of the Tentative Agreement regarding faculty salary.

The Tentative Agreement includes a 5% General Salary Increase (GSI) for all faculty on June 30, 2016; a 2% GSI for all faculty on July 1, 2016; a 3.5% GSI for all faculty on July 1, 2017; a 2.65% Service Salary Increase for eligible faculty, and other gains.

“This agreement is an important step toward normalizing salaries for public state university faculty,” said Jennifer Eagan, CFA President.

“CSU faculty are in the classrooms, catalyzing the learning that is the whole point of a public university. We must protect this teaching as a solid, middle-class profession that lets us support our families while we deliver good quality education to our students.”

Now, the agreement will go before the CSU Board of Trustees at its meeting May 24-25. CSU management has said that salary adjustments are expected to be included in paychecks starting in September or October.

Faculty who want to calculate their salaries with adjustments from the Tentative Agreement can do so by using our online salary estimator.

To learn more about the Tentative Agreement and the Fight for Five, click here.