CFA Message in Support of CSU Student Demands after CSU Response to COVID-19

Statement from CFA President Charles Toombs:


I am writing this message in solidarity with and in support of our Students for Quality Education (SQE) at California State University.

SQE presented their list of seven demands to the CSU Board of Trustees during the board’s virtual meeting on March 24 in order to ask the statewide University System to accommodate and invest in students’ well-being. Those demands included: (1) refunding student fees for cancelled services; (2) if refunds are not possible, providing resources for cancelled events and a reallocation of services to supply campus food pantries, medical facilities and student emergency funds; (3) holding each individual campus responsible for finding housing for displaced students during COVID-19 isolation; (4) including student voices and input during decision-making in emergency and crisis situations; (5) asking for faculty to receive the same pay as they would if classes met in-person; (6) providing a date for commencement ceremonies; (7) providing paid time off for student workers with lost hours or jobs due to COVID-19.

CFA shares our students’ concerns and supports their interests in this time of need.

On our campuses where student needs and demands have not been addressed, students deserve a seat at the table. They deserve an entire University System to refund fees for cancelled services – and if the university will not – their ask of a reallocation of services is more than appropriate. Students deserve safe housing and paid time off due to hour cutbacks or job losses because of the coronavirus. It is imperative that students from each of the 23 CSU campuses meet with CSU leaders and come to an agreement that is both sufficient for students and for all campuses. For many students, their campuses or dorms are their homes, their safe spaces. Some of them have lost their homes, their utilities like internet access, and their food security. The CSU needs to do its best to shelter and protect our most vulnerable students.

As I wrote in our letter on March 10, the health and safety of CSU students, faculty and staff is CFA’s top priority. Our highest concern is protecting the health and well-being of the CSU’s 485,000 students, 29,000 faculty, 24,000 staff, and countless community visitors.

We hope CSU leadership will listen to the diverse voices of their student population in order to meet their needs as they struggle during this trying time.


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