CFA Pres. to SacBee: Don’t blame faculty for CSU’s shortcomings

CFA President Jennifer Eagan set the record straight recently after an editorial by the Sacramento Bee attempted to criticize hardworking CSU faculty. “The state – not the faculty – is failing the CSU and our students.”

“The Bee’s editorial board should stop trying to distract us from the real outrage: the state’s disinvestment in the CSU, which has resulted in our students and their families suffering increased cost and more debt.”

“In the meantime, the CSU faculty will keep doing our jobs and ensuring our students receive the high quality education they deserve,” she wrote.

Click here to read Eagan’s editorial response, which was published online on Aug. 4 and in the print edition the following day.

On Aug. 2, The Bee’s editorial critiqued administrative bloat in the UC system, but primarily directed ire toward CSU faculty who had received a 10.5 percent raise over three years.