CFA sends support to faculty in Pennsylvania who seek a fair contract

The 5,500 faculty in APSCUF—the Association of Pennsylvania State Colleges and University Faculty—have been without a contract for 441 days as of September 13, 2016 with small hope of a contract settlement in sight.

As a result, they have taken and announced the results of a strike authorization vote. APSCUF members overwhelmingly voted yes.

The California Faculty Association understands first hand the challenge to negotiate a contract with a stubborn administration unwilling to commit to talks that could garner a fair agreement.

In such a case, the faculty must go to great lengths to create pressure on managers to bargain in good faith. A fair agreement would enable the faculty to focus on the best education for students while preserving a middle-class life for their families.

CFA calls on the public higher education administration in Pennsylvania to commit to the common good by reaching a fair settlement with APSCUF and not forcing the faculty to take stronger measures, up to and including a strike.