CFA-SFSU Chapter President Remarks
All Faculty Meeting

Thank you Troi, President Wong, Provost Rosser, and all of the faculty and staff who contributed to organizing this event.

Colleagues and friends – welcome back.

As the President of the San Francisco State Chapter of the California Faculty Association, I also extend a warm welcome to our new colleagues. San Francisco State has a long, proud history of fighting for social and racial justice on campus and also in the communities of the Bay Area. You will find that your SFSU colleagues are talented, dedicated, and hardworking. They are committed to their teaching, research and to their students. Please join us in the Faculty Commons, Library 286 for a Welcome Back Social on September 8th, 4-5:30 PM.

This semester we return to classes with some reasons to feel hopeful. Last year we saw how a determined faculty could work together in a protracted and hard fought contract campaign that resulted in much needed improvements in salaries. Our Fight for Five would not have been possible without the solidarity and activism of CFA members. I thank all of you for your great work.

Believe it or not, we will return to the bargaining table next summer to negotiate the entire contract. This will include salary, but also workload issues, pension contributions and health benefits. The CFA Bargaining Team will need to know the priorities of union members. To begin these conversations, CFA-SFSU will host a Membership Meeting on September 14th, Noon to 1:30 in Library 121. Later in the semester, CFA also will distribute faculty surveys for additional feedback for bargaining.

In the coming year CFA will continue to focus on defending academic freedom, faculty rights, and shared governance. We will advocate for further increases in tenure density throughout the CSU and for the full integration of lecturers in their departments, colleges, and insure that they are represented fairly within academic shared governance.

During this electoral season, CFA will continue to push for adequate funding for public higher education. The California Faculty Association will continue to advocate strongly in Sacramento for policies and state funding to insure that students – present and future – have access to the affordable, quality, public higher education that they deserve.

Specifically, we will be asking faculty to phone bank and walk precincts in support of Proposition 55 that will protect $250 million dollars in annual funding for the CSU. Locally, the SFSU Chapter of CFA has endorsed Supervisor Jane Kim in her race for the District 11 Senate seat. Kim is a former President of the SF Board of Education and a strong advocate for access and equity in public education for all Californians. We have invited Kim to come to a meet-and-greet on campus. Stay tuned for details.

CFA leaders and activists have been engaged in ongoing discussions about our union’s role in social and racial justice at this critical moment in our nation’s history. Last year our chapter passed a resolution in support of Black Lives Matter. This past spring CFA statewide also passed a resolution committing to anti-racist and social justice transformation. During the next 18 months, we will advance this by reviewing our union’s policies, practices, and culture. The goal is to implement our social and racial justice values in all aspects of our union at both the chapter and statewide levels. I hope that you will join me in this very important work.

In closing, I would like to ask members of the CFA-SFSU Executive  Board and Faculty Rights Committee to stand and be recognized for your service to the faculty. Would dept. reps and CFA members also please rise.

Thank you for all that you do.

I look forward to working with all of you as we move forward together.