CFA Statement of Support for Striking Chicago School Teachers

In this challenging time for public education and our nation, the California Faculty Association (CFA) is united with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) in their courageous struggle for a contract that not only addresses the rights and needs of teachers and staff but that also seeks social justice for students and their families.

We support your efforts to gain respectful pay increases for all CTU members, including your paraprofessional staff whose wages are so low many of their children are eligible for free/reduced lunches. We support your calls for librarians, nurses, and counselors in every school. We support your fight against privatization and charter school expansion.

We applaud your dedication to ensuring that your schools are offering culturally relevant pedagogy. We applaud your efforts to secure equitable funding for schools in underserved Black and Latinx neighborhoods. And we applaud your commitment to restorative justice programs and sanctuary schools.

As faculty, we understand what it means to fight for schools that every student deserves and we are in solidarity with you in your fight for educational justice.

The California Faculty Association is a union of 28,000 faculty, librarians, counselors, and coaches who teach in the California State University 23 campus system. Our mission is to secure fair working conditions for our faculty. Like CTU, we believe our working conditions are directly related to our students’ learning conditions. We are also advocates of public education and social justice work related to our students, their families, and our community at large.