CFA – The Story of Us
Or, how we became the mighty union that could...

CFA Statewide President Jen Eagan will be on campus to conduct an engaging and enriching seminar on how CFA became the mighty union we are, and how to build power for future Collective Bargaining Agreements and the future of public higher education in California.

Monday 10/22 12 – 1:30 in The Barrett Athletic Center, or                Tuesday 10/23 12 -1:30  in EED, Room 17

Why is this important for you?  The Collective Bargaining Agreement is a living document that changes over time.  That’s why it’s so important for you to understand the conditions necessary for negotiating the strongest possible contract, and what you can do to help create those conditions.

Check out our video about the seminar:


We hope to see you there!