CFA Wins One-Year Contract Extension, Allows More Time to Bargain During COVID-19 Crisis

Members of the CFA Bargaining Team successfully negotiated an extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement through June 30, 2021.

The extension maintains benefits like healthcare and retirement, and guarantees all rights in the current contract as well as the continuation of three vital programs due to expire at the end of June 2020. You can view the extension agreement here.

This extension does not include a general salary increase, but it does protect other critical rights and benefits in the contract, including healthcare and retirement programs, the grievance process and the layoff process, as well as protection from take-backs during anticipated funding cuts.  Just as paramount, we secured an extension of the following important provisions:

  • the cultural taxation exceptional service to students awards (Article 20.37) that recognizes the additional, often uncompensated work faculty perform on behalf of underrepresented students;
  • probationary faculty development time (Article 20.36) that provides new tenure-track faculty time to establish their research, scholarship, creative activities, and other activities that support them in meeting the requirements for retention, tenure, and promotion;
  • range elevation eligibility for a new cohort of lecturers and temporary librarians under the 2016 MOU, allowing lower-paid faculty to move up in the salary structure.

In this moment of unpredictability and financial instability, this is a significant win for faculty.

CFA began bargaining preparations in Fall 2019 and began meeting with CSU management this past spring.  After a thorough discussion and consultation with leaders at CFA chapters on all 23 campuses, the CFA Bargaining Team sought a one-year extension of our current contract.  We know that many faculty have been contemplating the echoes from the 2009-11 economic recession. Faculty have expressed legitimate fears of economic and working condition take-backs if the union were to be in bargaining during the expected coming recession. CFA leaders are moving quickly, learning from the lessons of the last recession, and are working to address potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on evaluations, re-appointment, entitlements, and the potential for loss of work.

The Bargaining Team will continue to meet with management to bargain a successor contract in an effort to make gains in areas of great concern to faculty, including, but not limited to, student opinions of teaching effectiveness, bias in student evaluations, cultural taxation, academic freedom, and other anti-racism and social justice issues. This coming Fall, we will be ready to defend our faculty, students, and our union from the ravages of this pandemic and the resulting economic downturn. If you have thoughts on bargaining as this process moves forward, please feel free to share them with us at