CFA’s 2019 Legislative Agenda

Each year, CFA works with lawmakers on legislation to further improve and protect the CSU. It is a critical piece of our work as a union, and ensures that the CSU continues to provide quality public higher education to the people of California. 

 The following is an overview of our 2019 Legislation and Budget package.

CFA’s 2019 Sponsored Legislation

AB 1460 (Weber) — CSU Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement
This bill would require the California State University (CSU) to provide courses in ethnic studies at each of its campuses. In addition, this bill would require the CSU to require, as a graduation requirement, the completion of a minimum of one 3-unit course in ethnic studies.

AB 930 (Gloria) — CSU Board of Trustees Good Governance
This bill would require the CSU Board of Trustees to have a two meeting process in order to adopt executive compensation increases. The bill would freeze executive compensation in years where there is a tuition increase. Additionally, the bill would require quarterly campus budget checks and the CSU to compile a system wide report and provide the report to the legislature and Department of Finance. 

AB 392 (Weber) — The California Act to Save Lives
This bill would limit the use of force by a peace officer to those situations where it is necessary to defend against a threat of imminent and serious bodily injury or death to the officer or to another person. 

AB 418 (Kalra) — Union Agent-Represented Worker Evidentiary Privilege
This bill would provide that a union agent and a represented employee or represented former employee have the right to refuse to disclose any confidential communication between the employee or former employee and the union agent while the union agent was acting in his or her representative capacity.

SB 660 (Pan) Mental Health Counselor-Student Ratio
This bill would establish a goal of 1500 students to 1 FTE counselor in the CSU and add a mental health survey per campus every 3 years and require tracking student suicides.

CFA’s 2019 Budget Priorities

Enrollment Funding
This budget request supports the Governor’s proposal of 2% enrollment, but asks that headcount be a part of the requirement. Using the average ratio of FTES to headcount this would mean there should be an equivalent increase of 8,571 students by headcount.

Tenure track hiring
This budget requests is for $35 million to hire new tenure track faculty in the CSU above the current amount plus the amount resulting from the $25 million last year. Would require the CSU provide an allocation plan by October of 2019.

Mental health counselor-student ratio bill funding
This budget request is for $20 million to reach a ratio of 1500 students to 1 FTE counselor. $18 million for hiring and $2 million for new reporting requirements including tracking student suicides.