Chico State CFA
Covid19 Survey & Townhall 2.12.2021

Dear Chico State Faculty, Librarians, Coaches and Counselors,

We are reaching out to ask you to respond to our COVID-19 Survey and to attend a CFA Townhall Meeting (see details below).  But some background information first. Sadly, it is more and more clear that the Chancellor’s Office and many administrators throughout the CSU have become inured to the hardships faculty are facing and the sacrifices we continue to make. Our collective voice through the CFA has continued to advocate for faculty relief with many ideas about how to support the work and the faculty who have so many hurdles to overcome. The Chancellor’s Office has responded to our calls by extending sick leave a little if a particular Chair approves. This shows the CSU is not taking our hardships seriously.  The CFA would like more creative measures considered and also the extension of immediate release time to be given in this Spring semester as well as next Fall.

In order to bring this more clearly before our own local administrators, CFA Chico invites faculty to respond to this brief anonymous survey so that we can capture some of the complexities of the challenges that we face.  We will continue this information gathering and CFA Statewide will also bring these concerns to the CSU system as a whole in order to move the Chancellor’s Office to act a Statewide COVID-19 Townhall on February 17.  Conversation and awareness about our mutual hardships will be articulated altogether, then. It is unconscionable that we are living though a historic pandemic and the CSU response is so parsimonious and unengaged.

In order to proactively plan for the Statewide Townhall by getting member input, please help us by participating in the following actions:

CFA Faculty Activism about COVID Relief and Repopulation Plans

Take the CFA Chico COVID-19 Survey (now through February 22).

CFA Chico COVID-19 Townhall: Support and Fall 2021 Repopulation Plans

February 12: 12:00-1:00. Click here to join (Passcode: 765984)  

CFA Statewide COVID-19 Townhall:

February 17: 6:00 – Link will be forthcoming

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our Townhalls!