Comments from Eric Canin, faculty at CSU Fullerton


Comments given at the CSU Trustees July 2017 meeting

Chancellor White, Trustees, Presidents, Brothers and Sisters in Union,

We are all living in a heated political climate and the tumult is increasingly being felt on our campuses in the CSU. My colleagues and I are trying to focus on teaching, research, and our students. Yet many of us are finding ourselves under attack and subject to hateful discourse.

In my case, the university was trying to dismiss me. But I’m fortunate that my union fought alongside me and successfully protected my career. I’m grateful for my CFA, and I’m looking forward to returning to the classroom this fall.

I have been teaching at California State University Fullerton for 20 years. Helping my students succeed is what I love doing most. It’s why I teach in the CSU.

But now, more than ever, we are teaching in a time of fear. This must change. As leaders of our university system, you need to better protect faculty, students, and staff from attacks on academic freedom. Just as CFA defended me and will continue to protect my fellow educators, you need to protect your employees from these unfair assaults on our freedom to teach, and on our students’ right to learn.

Thank you.