Confirm your 3.5% pay raise
Make sure the increase appeared on your pay statement

Be sure to check that the recent 3.5 percent pay raise has been properly applied to your pay warrant. 

The raise took effect on July 1; it should have first appeared on your August 1 paycheck.  Given the hard work and support last year of hundreds of CSUSM faculty members (and many thousands more throughout the CSU) to win the full package of pay raises, we want to be sure you take the next step and confirm that you actually received this most recent installment.  (From the salary agreement: “All Faculty Unit Employees on active pay status, or on leave, July 1, 2017 will receive a 3.5% General Salary Increase.”) 

If you have questions about whether the 3.5 percent was applied correctly, you should contact HR and ask for a review of your salary history. (Our CFA chapter doesn’t have access to your payroll records.)