Consequences of a failed strike
What's at stake in our fight for fair pay?

Our faculty strike will be a fight over pay raises for 2015-16. Obviously we all want the 5 percent raise, but whether you believe you need the raise or not, we should all be concerned about what else is at stake.

What if the strike fails?

If the strike fails, it will be far more difficult for us to bargain with the CSU from a position of strength.  Negotiating raises, protecting Tenure rights, protecting Lecturer rights, and everything we value in our contract will be in jeopardy in future contract bargaining.  (Remember 2011-12, when both Tenure and Lecturer rights came under attack from Chancellor Reed?)  Our ability to protect the integrity of our profession through our contract is at stake.  We need to stand our ground and we need to prevail.  This means that we need maximum faculty participation in honoring the strike.

CFA has played a critical and decisive role over these last several years in protecting our health benefits and our CalPERS pensions in Sacramento, outside of the collective bargaining process.  It is no secret that our pensions, in particular, have come under serious attack.  (And if you believe that they cannot be cut, you are sorely mistaken.) If we show that we cannot stand up, fight, and prevail on our own behalf, we will become an easy target.

We did not seek out this fight.  Our proposal for a 5 percent raise for all faculty members (plus a 2.65 percent SSI for all eligible) is fair and affordable.  It is in line with increases that K-12 educators have been receiving, and modest compared to increases that other higher education faculty have received.  Yet we are faced with a Chancellor who has refused to budge in the face of overwhelming data.  Our choice is to fold or to fight.