CSU faculty: the choice is ours
What a YES or No vote means in April strike vote

Our CFA bargaining team has been negotiating with CSU administration for 18 long months – and if Chancellor Reed does not agree to a fair settlement, we are faced with a stark choice —vote to strike or fail to defend quality education.

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A YES vote in April means:

  • We send the Chancellor a clear message that we won’t allow his for-profit model of high quality executive salaries and low quality education.
  • We will take our cause to the public, raising consciousness about the deterioration of academic standards.
  • We are ready to carry out the largest strike of higher ed teachers in US history!

A NO vote in April means:

  • We accept increased workload and larger class sizes, degrading the quality of education we can provide.
  • We accept their takeaway proposals including nothing now and less later on salary and benefits.
  • We sit idly by while students pay more, we make less, and CSU executives get paid astronomical salaries.

Sign the pledge to vote “YES” today.