CSU Trustees ratify Tentative Agreement with CFA

The California State University Board of Trustees approved a recommendation from its Collective Bargaining Committee to ratify the Tentative Agreement with CFA, thus ending the latest chapter in the long, difficult contract talks that have characterized labor relations in the CSU for nearly two decades.

After the Collective Bargaining Committee adopted the recommendation to approve on Tuesday, CFA President Jennifer Eagan said:

We are pleased that we managed to avoid a strike and come to a reasonable agreement that takes fair and necessary steps toward resolving long-standing and much-aggrieved salary problems for the faculty. It was a difficult year, but we created a good outcome for faculty, students, and the system as a whole.

Kevin Wehr, Chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team, said in public comments to the Trustees Collective Bargaining Committee:

This tentative agreement brings with it a full year of labor peace. We will begin bargaining 14 short months from now. This next year was intended to offer us all the gift of time, to work together and build a better relationship. Don’t pass over this prospect…

In addition to establishing the schedules of pay raises for all faculty, the Tentative Agreement created a working group to resolve problems with the implementation of Range Elevations for CSU Lecturers. CFA Vice President Lecturers-North Jonathan Karpf provided the Trustees with educational public comment to explain the topic:

The collective bargaining agreement language governing the eligibility requirements for a Lecturer to even apply for movement from one salary scale to another is a Catch 22.

PHOTO (Left to right): CFA Associate Vice President Jonathan Karpf; CFA Bargaining Team Chair Kevin Wehr; CSU Academic Senate Chair Steven Filling, who also served on the CFA Bargaining Team; and CFA President Jennifer Eagan.