Data regarding salary increases
Other CA educators are receiving raises

Fact-finding is the last step in the bargaining process before we have the right to go on strike.  CFA presented data to the neutral third-party Fact-Finder regarding salary increases for other California educators in public institutions.  We wish to share a summary of that data with you.

Since last Spring, we have publicized the fact that UC and California community college tenure-track faculty are making more, on average, than CSU tenure-track faculty; those faculty members have gained purchasing power since 2004 while in the CSU we have lost purchasing power.

K-12 public educators are receiving increases

What is new and noteworthy is what is happening with K-12 in California.  CFA presented evidence to the Fact-Finder that many California public K-12 educators are winning significant increases in their latest contracts.  For example, Oakland Unified teachers gained a 14 percent increase in their latest 3-year contract; Los Angeles Unified received 10 percent.  We are all reliant upon state and local government budgets, and yet only the CSU seems to have a problem prioritizing educator salaries.

Why are K-12 educators are receiving increases?

The biggest factor in the ability of K-12 educators to win their increases was that those educators were willing to take a stand and demand that they receive fair salaries.  Now is OUR time to do the same.

If CSU faculty members are to receive a fair salary increase for 2015-16, we need to show that we will stand up and demand it. 

The data that I cited above comes from a summary fact sheet prepared by CFA.  You can view and download the fact sheet at this link:…_except_csu_faculty_0.pdf